Anonymous: Thank you Caym. Like I said the guys at the lab are going to be pleased when I bring them these. Last I hear I think they're trying to determine how much pressure your carapace can take... *accepts the pieces and hands over the pocket container* You're rather excited to see whatever I've collected off of Cain. Is there a reason I should know about? Anyway just look and don't touch it. Mainly saying that for safety reasons. *proceeds to pack the rest of the carapace pieces in containers*

Pressure? Really? Do they want to crush me or something? Eh, don’t even answer.

I won’t touch anything and I won’t say anything. *He examines the container carefully* Eh… Alright. Alright. Thanks. You can have it back.
Anonymous: Excellent! There's no bleeding from what I see so you'll be fine in the regard. And you're quite welcome *smiles* Now once you're done putting on a flex show Caym, I'll snap a couple of pictures of the new carapace for reference. *quickly snaps some photos off* There we go. Say are you finished with your fingers? I'll collect the old carapace pieces and put those into my containers to be examined later. *pulls out the pocket container after removing a glove* Oh yes, you wanted to see this right?

*Caym hands you the carapace pieces he picked off his fingers* Here you are. Have fun.

Oh! Oh! Give me that! Peep!


A soft static-like laugh slipped from Tack’s mouth when he saw Caym’s reaction, despite that screech hurting his ears somewhat. With the way Caym jumped, it reminded Tack of a cat being startled unexpectedly. He wasn’t sure what Caym said the first time around but he could guess it was some form of cursing. The second part made it clear he was not pleased by Tack’s shenanigans. Worth it.

"You should have seen how far you’ve jump Caym! You jumped almost like a cat too!" Tack snickered. While Caym chewed him out, Tack noticed the strange exoskeleton formed into something a little more menacing. With that he refrained from commenting more on Caym’s reaction to being scared. Or else Cain might end up being a doctor again. Luckily Cain came out at that moment to see what was going on.

Tack happily waved at Cain and chimed “Hiya Cain! Yes, came by for a visit again to drop off the candy I’ve promised. Well not literally since Caym already did that hee hee.” Tack removed his masquerade mask as well as his cape coat and laid both on the bed for now.

"Here let me help with picking up those candies Cain. I can get some without too much issue since it was mostly my fault after all. Good thing I had them all in wrappers.Tack said and began to located the escaped candies and help Cain with the pick up. 

With Caym appearing a bit more calm Tack added, “I do have something special for you Caym that may put me back into your good graces. And something for you as well too Cain.” Tack paused and asked, “Like mine?” Then wiggled a paw in Caym’s direction. 

When the candy was gathered Cain put it back neatly in the bag. Caym stared.

"Ah, you got claws too. I suppose then we’re even. I don’t even like fighting anyways!" He mumbled and a few irritated chirps could be heard.

Cain tried one of the candies. “Oh, it’s quite delicious, no wonder Caym was eager to eat them. Thank you, Tack. Say, did you have a masquerade?” He glanced at the mask.

"Maybe he just wanted to hide that treacherous face of his." Caym kept mumbling. It was clear that the double was still embarrassed by his outburst but instead of putting on a more demanding outlook he reduced himself to an angry bird. Cain paid little attention to Caym’s caprices. He was far more interested in the candy and Tack’s shenanigans. Caym would calm down eventually, he always did.

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Tack was relieved it was Caym that he heard coming in. At least he won’t be startled by Tack’s presence since they seemed to gotten along before. Well, got along enough to not get stabbed by Caym at the least.

Tack watched Caym’s feet and listened to him call for Cain. A moment later a small euphony of peeps and chirps were heard. It sounded like Caym has already spotted the candy. It was soon followed after by the noise of eating. From the sound of it, Caym greatly enjoyed the candy that Lolli made. Tack hoped he’ll leave some for Cain though.

Inching closer to the edge of the bed, Tack took the opportunity to study Caym’s feet. Instead of being metal like Cain’s, it was more like a black exoskeleton of an insect. Something similar to the type that beetles had almost. How interesting! And as a result of the impromptu examination, he nearly missed the exchange between Cain and Caym.

He wiggled out from under the bed just in time to see Cain disappear into the bathroom again. At least now he knew how far the metal went on Cain’s spine. Blushing slightly, Tack turn his attention onto Caym who was still munching on the candy. Getting an idea, he went behind Caym and deactivated the effect. Then quietly whispered,

"I hope your going to leave some for Cain there Caym. Or else you’re going to get a belly ache from eating it all…"

Caym was startled and he let out a screech followed by a string of curse words in an ancient language. He dropped the candy and jumped away from Tack.

"Ptoo! You magpie! How dare you scare me!" He was furious. "Look what you did, now Cain won’t have any candy!" It seemed that the carapace around his shoulders moved as if to puff up like feathers, instead it looked like spiky armor which was much more intimidating than feathers could be.

Cain entered the room, now fully clothed. “What’s all this commotion? Oh, hello Tack. I see you’re here now.” He smiled, then leaned down to pick up the candy. “Worry not, they’re all in wrappers, I can eat them all the same, Caym.”

The double seemed to calm down a bit and the carapace settled itself neatly against his skin again.

"Fine, fine. Still, I feel betrayed!" He was irritated. "I have claws too, you know…"

(Source: scp073)


RP Starter:

Tap tap tap. Tack emerged from the hole and into Cain’s bedroom once again. He made the split decision to drop off the candy he promised from the last visit. And as a result dodged some troublesome characters after leaving a friend’s wedding at home. Bless Lolli for having the candy ready and distracting them so he could escape through the backdoor of the candy shop.

Brushing himself off, Tack looked around and realized there was no one around in the bedroom. Then saw that the bathroom door was closed. Tack listen for a moment and heard the water running behind the closed door. Someone, either Cain or perhaps the one named Caym, must be the shower? Hmm.

Tack decided to drop off the boxed candy for now and come back again just in case that was true. It would be quite awkward and very embarrassing to surprise your towel clad friend with an unannounced visit after all. Besides it would give Tack some time to change out of his masquerade outfit he wore since it was an Autumn themed wedding.

He took the candy out of his backpack along with a note saying he’ll be back later. The note was to let whoever was in the supposed shower that Tack came by and would be back again. He set the candy on the desk and
slipped the note under it when he heard someone approaching the bedroom door. Tack quickly dove under the bed remembering what happened last time he was alone without Cain. Maybe he was being paranoid but being stabbed before tends to do that to you. Tack activated his chameleon effect to help blend into the surround area and watched to door open a moment later…

The door opened and Caym burst into the room. “Oi, humming—” he cut his call short. “Eh, not here.” The grumpy looking man mumbled. He stood there for a moment then nodded, having realized where his double was and that there was no need to look for him.

Caym sat down on the bed. It didn’t take long before he noticed the paper and the candy bag. An excited peep escaped his mouth and the man grabbed the bag of candy. Eventually the sound of peeps and chirps was silenced by the rustling of wrappers. Caym had no shame and stuffed as much candy in his mouth as he could. His gluttonous feast had to come to a halt when Cain emerged from the bathroom.

"Oh, you found something?" Cain sounded curious.

"Ish jusht shome candeeh." A muffled sentence came from the double which made Cain chuckle softly.

"Who gave you that?"

"Ah, wash here a’ along."

A sudden gift? That could mean only one thing.

"Tack? Tack are you here?" Cain called out.

"Oi, oi, he gone!" Caym waved the note and tried to speak as clearly as he could with his mouth full.

"Ah… I see. Well, nevermind then." Cain noted and picked up clean clothes, then slipped into the bathroom to dress up. Caym chirped happily.

Anonymous: Ah good to know fingernails aren't bad. Just anything sharp would be bad news. Ok ok we'll stop with that talk for now haha. I'll admit Caym I didn't peg you to be a bit sensitive to that, but hey each to their own... Thank you Cain. Now may I have you hold that under the carapace growth for me please? Thank you, that's good. *angles the tools around the growth and pops it off onto the tray* Ah ha! Still got it! That's now taken care of. How are you feeling Caym? *gently checks the new carapace*

*After being examined Caym stretches and checks the flexibility of his back* Good, I can move without feeling pain. Thanks. That growth really pissed me off.

Anonymous: Who knows... Oh. Well I wasn't thinking about scratching your back with a blade Cain. But yeah that makes sense though. How about fingernails? Like scratching an itch or something? Would the pressure be different due to your spines sensitivity? ... *smiles* Not much for that type of anatomical talk huh Caym? Probably a good thing you don't see what I'm doing... Say Cain can you lend me a hand and grab that tray on my right? (Oh Caym XD)

That’s good. Blade scratches are never appreciated. Oh, fingernails aren’t that bad, it’s mostly the sharp objects that worry me.

No, no! I do not like this talk of scratching and blades. I don’t want to know what you’re doing much less see. Shush! Peep!

Ah, alright, here you are. *Cain hands over the tray*

Anonymous: Ah no worries! Like I said before about the uni workload, I understand the slow replies. :> I'm glad you didn't mind it though. It was interesting to see what Cain would do in the situations he was in (like the keys thing). Haha the bad ending in short would have gotten Cain caught and/or in trouble with the Foundation. Depending on where he was at the time would dictate how it would happen and the reason he was put into interrogation and/or solitary confinement (plus revoked privileges).

[[Good good, I always appreciate understanding. uvu

That’s what I thought so I did my best to save Cain’s reputation. He would have cried bitter tears if he’d broken his good record. He’s too much a goodie goodie. ]]

Anonymous: Ah I see... *passes over a pair of tweezers* Here you can work on your fingers then while I finish up. Scratching? Actually I'm not sure about that. Cain always warns us when we examine his back. Mainly because A) his spine is more exposed than normal and B) the whole reflect damage thing his has too. *pauses for a moment* You know what I'm going to ask. YO Cain how sensitive is your back to scratching? (That is a good question. I remember leaning on hard surfaces isn't a problem for his spine.)

*Caym starts carefully picking off old carapace from his fingers* Hm, I see. That spine o’ his looks pretty vulnerable. What’s the point of all the metal if your back’s all bare? Stupid Daevas.

Oh, oh… I don’t think I like scratching? Well, between the vertebrae and the discs. I mean, imagine if someone took a scalpel to your exposed spine. No medication no nothing. Just someone slicing you up and scratching you.

Whoa whoa whoa let’s not go further than that! That’s disgusting! Peep!

Anonymous: (I don't think this sent through the first so trying it again.) Ah I'm glad you like the CYOA ending! Since it went on for a rather long time I thought that would be nice type of ending for Cain. :D (I'll admit Cain came pretty close to getting a bad ending a few times. He's like a magnet for good endings so far xD)

[[Yeah this is my first time seeing this message, curse you tumbler! It did go on for a long time, mainly because of my slow replies when I started uni. But I tried my best to be active. ‘_’ Thanks for the cooperation.

I also felt like Cain was dodging bullets. It was like in games where you have to crouch around tables and tumbled over furniture to avoid some sort of enemy from spotting you. In a way I’m curious what a bad end would do, I’m just sadistic like that AND I like to explore all paths in CYOA type of games. ]]